Pisces Tips & Resources

Even Mermaids Get The Blues

A Completely Subjective List of Piscean Tips and Resources

Sad Mermaid Drawing in a Fishbowl

In Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, the author points out that the Pisces symbol, of two fish swimming in opposite directions does not mean Pisces is pulled in different directions at once. ("That's Gemini," she reminds us.) Instead, the symbol represents how Pisces' biggest challenge is to decide, at any given moment, to sink or swim.

Pisces has a sensitive, impressionable nature, which may work out great when you really are a mermaid. But when you live in society, as most of us do, the complications of modern life can leave us feeling bruised and battered, washed up on the rocks, ready to jump ship, drown our sorrows, etc.

Is it any wonder Pisces has also been called, "the drug sign" by some? When we can't plan a real escape, like a trip to a desert island, sometimes the escape we reach for is not the healthiest.

So, What's A Pisces Mermaid To Do?

My own impulse is usually to isolate in my fish bowl for a while, draw, read, watch movies, sleep. This can be good to an extent, even necessary. But after a reasonable amount of time to ourselves, it's perhaps a good idea to reach out. Below are some links to some supports that may be useful.


I'm not a therapist, just a fellow traveler. This list and mild pep talk is of course no substitute for help from a qualified counselor or doctor -- but you knew that, right? If you need real help, please consult with one, or in a true mental health emergency, call 911.


  • Julia Cameron's The Artists Way, for artists in need of recovering/rediscovering their gifts.
  • Kripalu: a yoga retreat in the Berkshires.
  • Holy Wisdom Monastery, a peaceful Retreat House in Wisconsin.
    Note: One does not have to be Christian or even religious to use and appreciate this serene and special place.
  • Check out the book Sanctuaries at Amazon, a guide to additional retreat houses throughout the U.S.
  • The Road Less Traveled, and People of the Lie are two life-changing books on choosing to sink or swim. Inspirational Reading by author M. Scott Peck.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: For issues with alcohol. Not for everyone, but a good starting place.
  • Debtors Anonymous. A Pisces' relationship with money can be one of "benign neglect." If it's more than that, DA has been helpful to some with issues relating to spending, debting, and "under earning."
  • Overeaters Anonymous: For issues with compulsive overeating, when food is more than nutrition and a reasonable source of comfort.
  • The Power of Prayer: In the dark of night, when you're at the end of your rope, and your own line to a Higher Power seems full of static, you can visit this Web site and put in a prayer request with the nuns of the St. Louis Archdiocese. Highly recommended, even to those of us who identify as "spiritual, but not religious."

Good Luck, Ms. Mermaid!

If you happen to be having a blue day (or decade), take heart, we've all been there, and will be again. And as a Pisces, you are in very good company. Visit the Famous page for a reminder of the many fine Fish who have struggled, sunk, or swum (and in a public fish bowl for all of us to see).

Someone once observed that looking back on their life, nothing worthwhile they had learned had been easy, and the worst times were the ones that had benefitted them the most in terms of personal growth. Similiar to, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." Cold comfort when you are going through a rough time, but maybe good to keep in mind?