Pisces Astrology

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So, What's in a Chart?

Sun, Moon & Rising SIgn

The Sun is the most important of the heavenly bodies that affect your chart, so its position in the sky when you were born determines a lot. If you were born between February 18 – 19th and March 20th (the dates shift very slightly year to year), congratulations, your Sun Sign is Pisces!

OK, you already knew that. But, have you ever met another Pisces, who didn't seem very "Piscean?" Or a Gemini or Aquarius who did? This is because other planets impact the picture, in particular your rising sign (which governs how you appear to the world) and your moon sign (which governs your emotions).

If you know the exact time and place you were born, you can find out your rising and moon, and a whole lot more, besides. This can be helpful, as it can tell you what else you may be working with, and how best to "work it." Sometimes what you find out reinforces a talent or gift you suspected (or wished) you had, but were afraid to claim -- for instance, the confidence of Leo, Virgo's gift for detail, Scorpio's passion, the planning skills of Sagittarius, and so on.

A good starting point, if you have never had a birth chart done, is to plug your info into this site to get a rundown of your planets, and a very general overview of what they mean. (It's free and anonymous, you don't need to list your name.)

Birth Charts

There's no substitute for getting a birth chart customiized and interpreted just for you. And while the essentials (which planets are where) don't change, the planetary influences do, month to month, and year to year. So even if you've had your birth chart cast, you may still wish to consult a professional from time to time to help illuminate the path ahead -- yours!

Knowing what's going on in terms of "the heavens" can also give sometimes provide the critical push to tackle a goal when there's extra wind in our sails. Or it can illuminate when we're doing a lot of internal work but not seeing lots of results, and remind us to stay focused, keep going, not fall prey to discouragement, and trust that results will manifest down the line.

Currently I've been recommending Colorado-based astrologer Jyoti Wind, as she'd received "stellar" (sorry, couldn't resist!) reviews from a number of close friends I trust. I had a wonderful reading with her over the phone last March. I'll definitely consult with her again, perhaps for an astrocartography reading, which I've never had done before but am curious about. She's very skilled, personable, and insightful.

Favorite Books

The late Linda Goodman's groundbreaking books on astrology for a popular audience are wonderful and entertaining, but also go fairly deep. In Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, she describes the idiocyncracies of all the different signs so vividly, you may start to guess other people's signs -- and be right! Her insights into how a sign manifests in a man, woman, child, boss or employee are uncanny (and useful). Her book Love Signs is a very illuminating resource for how certain signs combine in romantic relationships. Forewarned is forearmed, yes?

Favorite Web Resources

For a monthly check-in, Astrology Zone is a site I enjoy checking out every month due to Astrologer Susan Miller's thoughtful, detailed forecasts. Be forewarned: There is an annoying number of ads on the site. It's still worth a visit.

For a weekly check-in, I like reading Weekly Frequency on Aquarium Age, Ralfee Finn's site dedicated to "transformational astrology." I love Ralfee's humor, wise perspective, and general philosophy. She looks at how the stars and planets are affecting all of us on the planet during a given time, then adds a few pointers for each sign. I like this "big picture" approach a lot, because it helps remind me that we're all dealing with the same general stuff, and are "all in this boat together."

For a daily check-in, well, I honestly don't. That would be a little too much of a distraction for me. If any of you have daily horoscope resources you want to recommend, please sent them to me at webjeanie@earthlink.net. I'll check them out and post them here.