Great Mermaid Escapes

Pisces-Approved Destinations & Diversions

Relax With the Fishes: A Great Antidote for Stress

When you can't go frolic with real fish, why not hang out in this undersea widget for a minute or two? Breathe, watch the fish swim by. Now, don't you feel more serene?

Or, for a bit more active mental escape, how about a Shark Break? Relax! You don't have to swim with the sharks, though this one looks pretty friendly. This clever little widget also has a few other choices to pick from along the left side, and a few different backgrounds along the top. Cute!

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Real Getaways for Mermaids, Millionaires, Dreamers, and Others

Enough with the widgets! The list below includes some real destinations you could actually visit --
some quite easily, and some in your dreams.