Good Reads: A Mermaid's Library

From Sea Adventures to Water Babies & Beyond

If you can't travel, you can still escape in a good book, or even just daydream about one -- fantasizing about what you would read, if you only had the time.

A fun way to do this is on LibraryThing, a free site where you can catalog your own virtual library -- not necessarily books you own or are ready to buy, just, whatever interests you.

You can also make a widget like the one at right to display your books on your Web site, as I've done here. Click on any of the covers shown for information on that specific book, including links to other readers' reviews and ratings, and a link to Amazon. Or cut and paste the ISBN into the search box at your local library, and put in a request for it there. Covers refresh every 15 seconds

To see my full Mermaid book list on LibraryThing, click the link at the top the widget, or here.