About the Mermaid Club

Mermaid with Seagull

A Little Background


I didn't think too much about astrology one way or another until I was seventeen. That year I left the Midwest to attend art school in New York City. Right away I met a number of people -- a roommate, some classmates, a couple of teachers, and later on, a best friend -- with whom I shared an easy, inexplicable connection. I soon learned we also shared a zodiac sign: Pisces. Coincidence? I didn't think so.

Eventually I read up on Pisces, and most of what I learned rang true. I also learned that Pisceans, like real fish, tend to "swim in schools," — i.e., have friendships with others born under their sign, to whom they can turn for validation and support. That's been my own happy experience, anyway: I've been lucky to meet and bond with fellow Fish wherever I go.


I'm not an astrologer myself. My opinions about Pisces are entirely subjective, based on what I've read and experienced, and what other Fish have been kind enough to share. Underneath it all, this site is for entertainment and educational purposes -- mostly my own. I'm really happy if anyone else who stumbles across it enjoys it however!

Site Development Notes

I'm a professional illustrator, currently studying Web Development as a means of better understanding the environment where, increasingly, my images live. This site is my semester project for a class in Web Authoring Tools (Dreamweaver CS5). Many thanks to Ken, a very kind and knowledgeable teacher.

A prior semester project, on a family history theme, manually coded using XHTML and CSS, can be viewed here.

As a creator myself, I've made my best effort to make sure the images I've used here are ones I've either created myself, have been granted permission to use, are in the public domain, are licensed via Creative Commons, or fall under a "fair use" exemption. Please see the credits page for more information.


It's not a secret: I love people born under the sign of Pisces, and tend to find them a great source of inspiration, encouragement, and comaraderie. Many thanks to Fish friends and Pisces artists I've felt lucky to know -- whether a lot or a little: Sue, Mark, Vicki H., Alexa, Aleksey, Claudia, Mia, Carmelo Pomodoro, Sonia, Karen D., Scot Simon, Rebecca, Jill S., Bob, Amy B., Dave, Hal, Lester, Charles and Janet.

And a shout-out to some honorary (non-Pisces) mermaids: Hannah & Rachel, Linda G., Liz, Alece, Annette, and the fabulous, sparkly Teresa.