The Mermaid Club

Inspiration, Information & Fun for People Born Under Pisces

The Mermaid Club is a specialty niche web portal for Pisces. Women are most likely to enjoy the feminine mermaid vibe found here, but visitors of any gender (or zodiac sign) are welcome of course.

Why a special site for Pisces?

Merilla Queen of the Sea

Despite their many gifts -- creativity, sensitivity, and the ability to tune into other realities -- being a Fish is not always an easy gig! These very strengths make Pisces more vulnerable to the harshness & stress of modern life, which they then tend to "soak up like a sponge."

In response, this site strives to serve up a little "Pisces Soul Food" -- a collection of images and resources with a Pisces mermaid's sensibility in mind -- a gift from one Fish to another. I hope you'll enjoy!

Some of What You'll Find Here:

Dive In, Ms. Mermaid!

Please visit our Join the Club contact page if you'd like a nudge when the site is updated...or if you'd just like to say hello. In the meantime, welcome, friend!